Okidata Microline 320 Turbo Printer - Grade A - 1 Year Warranty 62411601

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Refurbished Okidata Microline 320 Turbo Printer
Complete with repainted plastics and in perfect working condition 
1 Year Warranty
**This printer comes standard with a Parallel Interface option. If an additional interface option is required, please add the option needed to the order via the drop down menu**
**Be sure to review the option for the Rear Sheet Guide. If you print on single sheets or contract paper that is not fed through the tractor you will need to make the selction to purchase this option** 
Why buy a Microline 320 Turbo Grade A from Us?
  • 1 Year Warranty. We stand behind our printers
  • Refurbished by an OKI Certified Service center
  • Most orders ship same day
  • 1 Ribbon included with every printer purchase at no additional charge
  • Foam packed for safe travel
  • Reasonable Shipping charges
  • We're an industry veteran, 20+ years in the Okidata business
We are Okidata authorized for sales and service. We can also provide new and refurbished parts and can quickly repair your Okidata Microline 320 Turbo too
320 Turbo buyers guide:
NEW: $349.99 New in retail box, 1 year warranty
Grade A+: $249.99 All new covers, gears, and refurb printhead, 1 year warranty
Grade A: $199.99 Full ground up Refurb with 1 year warranty
Grade B: $179.99 Full ground up Refurb, 1 year warranty, Slightly Yellow Case - Best Seller!
No Top Covers: $144.99 Full ground up Refurb, No Top covers included
Microline Printers
When choosing a refurbished printer, whether you are looking for dot matrix or laser, you need to consider a couple things, the speed and the interface. The speed is normally measuered in cps (characters per second). If you have to print 1000 pages a day then a printer like the Microline 320 Turbo that prints a max of 435 cps would likely be too slow. 

Many Printers have multiple interfaces or options to add extra interfaces like serial, usb, or a 10/100 RJ45 ethernet connection. It is important to make sure you have an interface that matches your computer.
Multipart Forms
If you are printing on multipart forms it is very important to select a printer that has the capacity to print through the correct number of copies. The Microline 320 Turbo prints though 6 copies and works with most forms.
Some of the most common places these printers are used are Car Dealerships, Retail Stores, Auto Repair centers, Financial Departments, Pawn shops, Auto Parts stores, Hotels, Motels, and Car rental agencies. They are most used to print labels and multi part forms which can only be printed on dot matrix printers.
  • High Speed Draft 390 CPS (10 CPI)
  • Utility Speed 300 CPS (10 CPI)
  • Near Letter Quality Speed 75 CPS (10 CPI)
  • Maximum Graphics Resolution (DPI) 240x216